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Unveiling Sustainability — Wildsight Youth Climate Corps at work

-by Wildsight on Monday June 19 2023

"If you attend a public event over the next few months, you may spot a table of keen young adults excited to share local initiatives that can save you money, support the environment, and make a better future for us all!

Wildsight's Youth Climate Corps (YCC) is already a month into our fourth season here in the West Kootenay. This season, our crew is focused on work as community ambassadors, traveling across the region to inform and engage with local communities.

YCC provides young people with opportunities to make a difference locally, earn wages, and develop skills to prepare them for meaningful work and engaged citizenship. Our crews are mentored by industry experts, and work collaboratively with community groups already taking action in various fields. These experiences allow our teams to envision and act on initiatives to mitigate climate change at a local level.

Following a successful pilot Ambassador program with the City of Nelson last year, Wildsight's YCC expanded the collaboration this year to join with the Regional District of the Central Kooteney (RDCK) to support an even broader impact. Through introductions to regional staff and programs, the crew has gained a deeper understanding of local regional government, learning about the region's Resource Recovery Plan including organics diversion and recycling, Firesmart, WaterSmart, Wood Stove Exchange Program, the Regional Energy Efficiency Program, and more.

With the season just hitting its stride, crew members are excited to see what is being done to make the West Kootenay region a more resilient place in which to live, and look forward to sharing those efforts with the public.

"Our journey as Wildsight Youth Climate Corps community ambassadors has provided us with valuable insights into sustainable practices and innovative solutions," shares YCC crew member Daniela Sirois.

"It's interesting to see how some of our local systems work and meet some of the people working on the region's future."

The YCC team will be traveling to different locations this season to share opportunities to reduce waste, save power, explore green alternatives and engage with citizens. Come find the team at your next local community event to say hi, ask questions, and learn about what kinds of programs your community has available for you.

To find upcoming events, visit our social channels:



Photo Caption: One of our season highlights so far has been meeting B.C's Attorney General Niki Sharma. Ms. Sharma expressed her interest and excitement about the program, and was curious to learn more about the different opportunities and programs available through Youth Climate Corps."

Ben Simoni from Youth Climate Corps BC was also present with Wildsight Youth Climate Corps West Kootenay. Youth Climate Corps started in 2020 as a program of Wildsight, a grassroots organization dedicated to protecting biodiversity and encouraging sustainable communities in Canada's Columbia and Rocky Mountain regions. The inaugural program was based in Nelson, BC, with fourteen youth crew members working for four months on a variety of climate projects in the surrounding West Kootenay region.

Wildsight operates the Youth Climate Corps in BC's Columbia Basin and is working to grow the West Kootenay and Kimberley/Cranbrook crews while expanding to new communities in the region.

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