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Climate justice is central to effectively tackling the climate crisis, and this justice lens forms the foundations of Youth Climate Corps BC's approach. 


Climate change exacerbates pre-existing inequalities in those communities that are under-resourced, exploited, and marginalized and are more likely to feel the consequences of climate change sooner and more severely. Therefore, Youth Climate Corps BC operates from the understanding that climate solutions are only viable if they lift everyone up. The rights of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour), youth, women, queer folk, disabled folk recent immigrants, and refugees need to be centered within climate solutions. Lifting up the voices of those who most acutely feel the impacts of climate change will be the only way to effectively meet the challenge of addressing the climate emergency. 


We see climate change as the direct result of unethical resource extraction made possible by the removal of Indigenous People from their ancestral homelands. Indigenous Sovereignty is central to just futures and liveable worlds, which is why Youth Climate Corps BC is keenly focussed on redirecting resources towards grassroots Land Back projects.

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