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to build this powerful
climate action movement 

Unlocking Together a Future

for Canadian Youth

Climate action led by the communities most affected by this global crisis is often underfunded and even ignored. Providing ongoing support for local leaders who understand the challenges facing their communities, including youth as part of the primary strategy, is an investment in our collective future.

We need your support to ensure

we can collaboratively launch YCC

more broadly across Canada.


We have till January 30th, 2023, to raise $10k for Youth Climate Corps existence. If Youth Climate Corps can raise $10k by January 30th, we can receive another $10k from a generous organization committed to supporting the organization. This means that all donations are matched dollar for dollar and that $20k will be raised for "Unlocking Together a Future for Canadian Youth."

How, together, we support local youth leaders taking on
the most urgent challenge of our time

By becoming involved in projects across the country, rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty in their communities, youth climate leaders inspire their fellow Canadians to make meaningful changes and demand more comprehensive political action on the climate crisis we face.

Youth Climate Corps provides a new vision of active youth engagement and a road map that offers meaningful solutions to the crisis that young people face and impacts us all.


By connecting communities, youth employment, and skills building with the project work needed to lower emissions and increase resilience, young people build the leadership capacities that Canada urgently needs.

Join the youth-led movement for climate solutions today

We believe that the climate crisis is an opportunity for the next generation to build up their communities and create a more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous future. We must empower youth with the training, mentorship, and meaningful work they need to make this vision a reality.

We want to equip young people across Canada to help their communities tackle the climate crisis.

Help us get there by joining the movement!


Give job opportunities to youth in climate action within local communities by contributing to Youth Climate Corps.


We make sure your donation reaches high-impact grassroots projects.


You will receive email updates with stories from youth leaders tackling the climate crisis from the ground up. We are creating the future together.

By becoming a donor you become part of this powerful youth-community-led movement.

Alumni, Kate Watt

YCC participant, 2021

"Participating in the Youth Climate Corps has shifted my values and worldview, and it has also provided me with a deep sense of purpose."​

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