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Youth Climate Corps is a new and expanding organization. We have seen the benefits and are working to make Youth Climate Corps more accessible to other communities.


Climate change will affect young people acutely over their lifetimes, yet it can be challenging to get paid work in climate solutions. Youth Climate Corps breaks down boundaries by providing a living wage to work on climate adaptation and mitigation solutions that are designed at the community level. While providing mentorship, leadership training, and the opportunity to work with other young people towards a common goal.


Canada needs change, and we have a chance to nurture a sustainable future and build the next generation of leadership. We need a safe, equitable, and inclusive future, and now is the time to make it happen.


As our climate is heating, Canadian communities have a tremendous amount of work to be done to adapt. In the interior of British Columbia, many communities need wildfire mitigation work done, to protect the communities against increasingly intense forest fire seasons. If you live on the coast, your community may need to build solutions to a rising sea level, or more frequently flooding rivers. These are issues that need to be addressed, and we believe that communities should be the ones designing bottom-up solutions, and utilizing Youth Climate Corps to implement them. 


Another aspect of increasing community adaptability is nurturing youth leadership in communities. Mentorship, opportunities, and training are the three major ingredients Youth Climate Corps uses to build youth empowerment, leadership, and resilience. 


By keeping youth in their communities and working on community-developed programs, we are building a sense of place and community connection with young people. In this, we can regenerate the natural spaces, and young leaders in a community


Please reach out if you have any questions about Youth Climate Corps.

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