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Winning a Youth Climate Corps, The National Youth Climate Corps Campaign

"We all know the scale of the climate emergency. We cannot just wait for something magical to happen anymore. It is why Youth Climate Corps started. With Youth Climate Corps, it's time for a big and transformative new public program, one that puts not hundreds but hundreds of thousands of young people to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions and strengthening communities by building new renewable energy projects protecting biodiversity, retrofitting our buildings so we can live in dignity and safety and where we can take care of each other. We deserve nothing less than good green work with a living wage, a program that places Indigenous knowledge and self-determination at its heart. A program that invests in equity, in making the future of work and where we can see ourselves as part of something bigger, and that provides a pathway to continuing education and a career confronting the climate crisis."

- Climate Emergency Unit

We are partnering with the Climate Emergency Unit to campaign for a public program that can allow everyone under 35 across the country to earn a living wage while tackling the climate crisis. To get involved in the campaign for a national Youth Climate Corps and an Alberta Youth Climate Corps, please get in touch with the Climate Emergency Unit.

We envision hundreds of thousands of well-paying jobs across Canada, building community resilience and the infrastructure and programs required to tackle the climate emergency.

Youth Climate Corps BC is asking for your support to make this a Provincial program available across BC. To help make this a sustainable, accessible and transformative program for future generations, please contact your local MLA and ask for a BC-wide Youth Climate Corps! If you would like to have a more active role in the BC campaign, please complete this survey.

Youth Climate Corps BC is proof that it works. Download the policy brief for the national campaign here.


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