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Insightful and educational meeting with Sri ete aye-Chemaine Douglas

Updated: May 31, 2023

Youth Climate Corps BC Kamloops had an insightful and educational meeting with Sri ete aye-Chemaine Douglas, who works closely with Indigenous communities and the Canadian Government to help find and implement solutions for climate change issues and their effects on communities. During the discussion, we were able to gain unique and intuitive knowledge of the flora that is native to the area; we were taught about the medicinal benefits of some of our naturally occurring flora and how we can make use of these benefits in our day to day lives to help improve our mood, health, and mental wellness. As the day went on, we were also lucky enough to learn some of the agricultural benefits of naturally occurring flora and how they can be used for pest control, improve crops, and balance soil ph and oxygen levels through natural means. YCCBC Kamloops Crew is excited to go forward with our newfound knowledge and experience to be able to educate and benefit the community in ways that we would not have been able to do previously, thanks to the teaching and knowledge passed down through Indigenous communities and Sri ete aye-Chemaine Douglas who gave us her time and experience.

“If you meant to be out there, you will & if you meant to catch something, you will” - Sri ete aye-Chemaine Douglas


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