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Youth Climate Corps BC Spotlight: Madi Young in the National Observer!

We're excited to share that Madi Young, a dedicated member of the Youth Climate Corps (YCCBC), has been featured in the National Observer. The article, titled "How to Make Your Home Sweeter," showcases Madi's impactful work and commitment to climate solutions.

Madi is a 20-year-old leader who spearheads the Kamloops crew, part of YCCBC's mission to drive climate action and community engagement across British Columbia. In her own words, Madi discusses her journey, projects, and aspirations in the article.

Creating Climate-Ready Homes

In Kamloops, Madi's team offers the community an opportunity to improve home comfort and climate readiness. By addressing issues such as insulation and leaks, they not only enhance comfort but also reduce energy costs. Madi and her team emphasize the availability of government financial assistance for energy-efficient upgrades, making it accessible even for low-income residents. Click here to register for the Climate Friendly Home Program.

Promoting Sustainable Mobility

Madi and her crew are also excited about their mobile bike valet service, providing secure bicycle storage during farmers' markets and events. This initiative encourages healthy and eco-friendly transportation choices, aligning with YCCBC's commitment to a greener future.

Empowering Youth Leaders

Through Madi's leadership, YCCBC empowers young people to connect with their communities and take meaningful action on climate change. The organization's initiatives span from reducing waste and energy consumption to enhancing local food security and more.

Madi's story reflects the resilience and determination of the youth in the face of climate challenges. Her insights remind us that change is possible and that collective efforts can create a better future.

Join the Movement

Madi's dedication exemplifies the spirit of YCCBC, where young individuals are driving positive change in their communities. To learn more about Madi's journey and the impactful work of the Youth Climate Corps, check out the full article in the National Observer.

Let's continue to support and amplify the voices of young leaders like Madi as we work together for a more sustainable and resilient future. 🌿


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