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YCCBC Kamloops Gained Wisdom from the Home Energy Advisor, Brandon Farr, from Level Up Strategy

Youth Climate Corps BC Kamloops had the privilege of meeting with Brandon Farr, Founder/CEO of Level Up Strategies Inc. in Kelowna, BC. Brandon works as a Resilient Infrastructure Specialist, Social Enterprise Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Transformation Guide. Level Up Strategies Inc. works with homeowners and their insurance companies to repair damage in new builds; as a certified Home Energy Advisor, Brandon also works to provide opportunities for climate-friendly home upgrades.

The YCCBC Kamloops Crew followed Brandon during a day of his work to observe inspections and gain valuable knowledge on ensuring homeowners' confidence and trust in our abilities. The Kamloops Crew learned a variety of valuable skills, including strategies to build and maintain trust with clients, methods for tackling complex problems, and the value of clients' time. While following Brandon, we were able to observe the different ways he interacted with clients in order to put their minds at ease while they navigated home issues; while keeping sustainable living in mind to foster positive change within the construction industry. The Crew will utilize the skills they gathered from their day following Brandon Farr as the Climate Friendly Home Assessment Program is launched by the City of Kamloops this summer and is excited for continued opportunities to gain insight and knowledge from Brandon Farr in the coming months. YCCBC Kamloops Crew looks forward to working with homeowners to suggest initiatives that would minimize their carbon footprint and promote environmental sustainability within their homes.

"This is such an incredible time to be alive as we are facing some of the most challenging circumstances the world has seen; our actions will truly define the experience of yet-to-be-born generations."

Stay tuned for the Climate Friendly Home Assessment Program coming up soon!


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