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YCCBC's vision for the IPCC Report

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

"There is a rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure a liveable and sustainable future for all...The choices and actions implemented in this decade will have impacts now and for thousands of years." Let those sentences sink in. This is real, this is imminent, and this is not a drill. We can feel and taste the possibilities of a better, more just and vibrant society. But cannot do this alone, "if climate goals are to be achieved, both adaptation and mitigation financing would need to increase many-fold." The stakes are too high to wait; we need "system transitions involving a significant upscaling of a wide portfolio of mitigation and adaptation options. Feasible, effective, and low-cost options for mitigation and adaptation are already available."

We know what needs to be done. We have the answers. We need action, and it needs to be a deep, sustained, wide, and rapid implementation of mitigation and adaption practices while prioritizing young people, Indigenous and BIPOC communities, who have been exploited through extractive practices and stand to suffer and be impacted by the most by the climate catastrophe.

Read the IPCC report that was released this month; it is sobering, yet not surprising. We have SEVEN years until 2030. This is the critical decade, and we have a choice between a sustainable living future or the status quo.

- Ben Simoni


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