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New logo for YCCBC

Drum roll, please!

The team is super excited to introduce you to the new logo of YCCBC. Each community will have its personalized new badge; stay tuned to see what is coming up!

The story behind the logo

The circle line is to represent the earth, the circle of life, inclusion, connection, and the community aspect.

The badge style is to showcase the identity of a corps to represent a group working toward the same goal/mission; for Youth Climate Corps BC, the mission is to build on youth leadership to foster climate resilience and a livable, low-carbon future while paying young people a living wage.

The green colour represents nature because Youth Climate Corps BC's initiatives are grounded in ecology and climate science.

Finally, YCCBC for Youth Climate Corps British Columbia. You probably noticed now that Youth Climate Corps changed its name to strengthen its provincial mission and bring clarity to our close partner organizations presently working on developing the National Youth Climate Corps.

Download the new logos below


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