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Youth Climate Lawsuits Making Waves

A landmark climate victory in Montana is sending ripples through Canada, where young activists are launching their own climate lawsuits. In a historic ruling, a U.S. district court declared that Montana's 2011 legislation limiting environmental considerations in oil and gas projects violated the rights of youth to a clean environment. Now, climate change and greenhouse gas emissions must be considered.

🌎 The global climate litigation movement is growing, with more than 2,180 cases in 2022, including youth-led actions.

🤝 This victory bolsters Canadian youth fighting for their climate rights, like the La Rose et al vs. His Majesty the King case, and Mathur et al vs. His Majesty in Right of Ontario.

🌱 As courts recognize the urgency of climate action, the youth are taking the lead. Let's stand with them for a better, greener future.

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