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The Movement - YCCBC Expressions - April 2023 Issue

Today is the time for Youth Climate Corps British Columbia (YCCBC) to reintroduce itself since many new community members have joined the movement. A sincere, warm welcome to each of you and thank you for believing in this provincial movement from the YCCBC crew!

The YCCBC movement must be grounded in the province's climate science realities. YCCBC is a climate action campaign and program that builds on youth leadership to foster climate resilience and a livable, low-carbon future while paying young people a living wage and empowering communities across BC by supporting them in shaping their future facing climate change.

We need scalable climate action involving young people who will most be affected by the climate crisis throughout their lifetime. To make this a reality, we need all levels of government to support this impactful program that would signal a transition to a more just, equitable, abundant and sustainable future. We are committed to providing communities and youth with opportunities for tangible climate action. YCCBC invites all British Columbians to mobilize. YCCBC is the proof of concept and the starting movement in Canada and could be the transformative new public program because we are in climate emergency mode. Together, we strive to envision and realize a fair, just, and livable future for everyone.


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