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New team member, Athena Leblanc-Naziel

YCCBC is super happy to welcome Athena Leblanc-Naziel, who officially joined the team as our Kamloops Coordinator. Athena is taking on the role of developing and running the Kamloops area's utterly new program. This project will mainly focus on the “Climate Friendly Homes Program,” which is a collaboration with the City of Kamloops and involves conducting home assessments with residents to identify opportunities to reduce their emissions and improve the climate resiliency of their homes. We support Sam in this new role and congratulate her for taking on this responsibility.

"Growing up Indigenous and in a small town, I saw the battles that we, Indigenous people, are fighting, the ownership rights, the right to live on our land and to keep stewardship of the land for our future children and their children. Every day is a chance to talk, act and work towards a better life for ourselves and the future. Creating environments and teaching about who we are as a people is a passion I hold close to myself."

You can learn more about Athena Leblanc-Naziel here.


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