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Interview With Tim Chapman, Kimberley/Cranbrook Youth Climate Corps Coordinator

This year, the significant difference was the completely different generation of hired youth, a decade younger than last year's crew members' age. Tim learned a lot about developing other ways of communicating throughout the season. He underlines that from his experience, communication methods are the major difference between all generations. As Tim mentioned: "My faith in younger people keeps increasing! The workforce is absolutely exceptional. Never discount young people! Give them a chance and space for them to be heard!" The outcomes of this summer's projects are tangible and even grandiose! You guys (YCC crew) should be proud of what you accomplished during summertime, talk about it, and go revisit the sites in a few years from now!" Part of the projects that will perdure in time is the two acres of wildfire risk reduction, improving habitat for years and the basins built for the wetland that will still be used in ten years, see "Project Highlight in Kimberley-Cranbrook" section below.

Thank you, Tim, for leading the Kimberley/Cranbrook Youth Climate Corps. Your role is necessary, and we admire your patience and determination. Learn more about Tim Chapman

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