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Interview With Mel Lavery, West Kootenay Youth Climate Corps Coordinator

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Mel's most significant highlight of the season was the flexibility to thrive in diverse programming throughout the season and respond to the communities' needs. Also, ideas from last season were implemented this year to evolve and improve the program.

Mel mentioned: "I really enjoyed the finalization of the different projects. Seeing the amount of work that can be done with a group of twelve people is stunning. Our Bannock in Bloom Agroforestry project is a good example of how we are powerful together. Also, I genuinely admired the talented local people with so much awareness of what can be done regionally for food security and energy efficiency. We were incredibly grateful for the knowledge they shared with us. This year was such a big learning experience for me by being the point person between the different partners, organizations, and communities while supervising the participants. I am already looking for new projects and opportunities for next year and how we can optimize the programming by handing on even more leadership to the next crew!"

Mel Lavery, West Kootenay Youth Climate Corps Coordinator

Thank you, Mel, for leading the West Kootenay Youth Climate Corps. Your role is essential, and we esteem your communication skills and perseverance. Learn more about Mel Lavery


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