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Climate Mobilization with Climate Emergency Unit

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Climate Emergency Unit Supporting the Creation of Youth Climate Corps

Climate Emergency Unit developed an easy platform for you to tell Your MP and Trudeau to Deliver a Youth Climate Corps now! The email is directly sent to those people. Please take action now; your involvement count. Click here to take action.

Tell Your MP and Trudeau to Deliver a Youth Climate Corps now!

Climate mobilization in Canada has yet to feel like a grand societal undertaking. The Youth Climate Corps is an invitation to the country’s youth to mobilize to confront today’s gravest threat: the climate emergency. We are past overdue on a real plan that acts fast to transform the country away from its current trajectory to growing emissions and climate disaster. A Youth Climate Corps would put thousands of young people to work in rapidly curbing emissions, preparing our infrastructure for its coming impacts, and responding to the emergencies we're locking in.

Send a message now to key cabinet ministers and MPs demanding clear action for a Youth Climate Corps that will kick off a decade of real climate action.

Click here to take action


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