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UBCM 2023: Elevating Youth Climate Corps BC

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

This year, Youth Climate Corps BC (YCCBC) had the privilege of being part of UBCM 2023. Ben Simoni, represented the spirit and determination of YCCBC. Ben's presence at UBCM underscores the importance of youth engagement in climate action.

At YCCBC, we believe that youth are key stakeholders in our communities, and we're committed to giving them the means and agency to make meaningful change. Ben's involvement at UBCM showcases our dedication to partnering with local governments and emphasizes the potential of involving young people in achieving our community goals.

UBCM provides a unique opportunity to connect with local government officials and stakeholders, fostering a dialogue about the urgent need for climate action. It allows us to highlight the pivotal role that YCCBC plays in building a sustainable and habitable future for British Columbia.

As we navigate the climate challenges of our time, partnerships and collaborations with local governments are essential. Together, we can create a greener, more resilient future for all. Following our presence at UBCM, we invite all City Climate Leaders to join us on October 30th for our Exclusive Webinar: Explore the Potential of YCCBC in Your Community.

Thank you, UBCM, for being a platform for change, and thank you, Ben Simoni, for representing YCCBC's vision and passion for a sustainable British Columbia.


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