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Insight from Caitlin Quist, the Community Organizer for Butler Urban Farm

YCCBC Kamloops Crew had a presentation from Caitlin Quist, the Community Organizer for Butler Urban Farm, supported by the Kamloops Food Policy Council. This urban farm, located at 185 Royal Avenue, works to connect the community with sustainable and accessible organic produce. Through community education and hands-on learning, Butler Urban Farm provides locally grown produce to those who need and want it and fosters an environment of community connection that has been lost in our modern society. Anyone in the community has the opportunity to volunteer on the farm and to learn about their strategies to alleviate the issue of food insecurity within Kamloops. YCCBC Kamloops Crew looks forward to volunteering at Butler Urban Farm weekly throughout the summer and encourages those interested in joining us as drop-in volunteers. More information on how people can contribute and offer their time and energy to the farm can be found on their website, and their Instagram @butlerurbanfarm.

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