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Climate Change & The Social Determinants of Health

Updated: Jan 18

A topic that I’ve gained a lot of interest in over the years is the intersection between the environment and our health. We are undoubtedly affected by the world around us in a variety of ways beyond just the physical. With a changing climate comes increases in exposure to air pollution, extreme heat, natural disasters, as well as the effects on mental health.

However, there exists a multitude of health inequalities that arise due to the Social Determinants of Health. Factors such as race, gender, and socioeconomic status can all influence our health, meaning that climate-induced health impacts will be worse for some compared to others. Health and climate justice are therefore inextricably linked.

Liana Salviejo (she/her) is a current Climate Action Technician at YCCBC and a recent graduate of UBC, with a Bachelor of Science in Global Resource Systems.

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