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Meet Liana from YCCBC Vancouver

“Liana Salviejo (she/her) is a current Climate Action Technician at YCCBC and a recent graduate of UBC, with a Bachelor of Science in Global Resource Systems. Her background lies in a variety of environmental topics, such as climate justice, sustainability, and food security, and she is particularly interested in the intersection between climate change and health. Liana has been involved with a number of environmental organizations in the past, including her time at Be the Change Earth Alliance, and has worked on several research projects, notably one that examined the influence of the Big 5 Canadian Banks at UBC as fossil fuel financiers.

At YCC, Liana has enjoyed being able to apply her knowledge from past experiences while also getting to gain new hands-on skills through the variety of climate action projects that her and the crew have worked on so far. Some of the most fun days on the job for her have been those spent with HUB Cycling and teaching kids on bikes, but she also appreciates being able to attend conferences and networking events to learn from other passionate climate leaders. A recent empowering moment for her was speaking in front of Vancouver city council to support a motion for a national YCC.

In her spare time, Liana enjoys spending time outdoors and playing ultimate frisbee!”

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