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Five Ways To Reduce Home Energy Use

Five Ways To Reduce Home Energy Use youth climate action vancouver

Improving our homes to be more energy efficient can, in the long term, reduce our carbon emissions, save us money, and make our homes more comfortable. These tips are great if you are looking to make some small, easy changes or to take on a new home project.

1. Reduce Air Leakage

youth climate corps vancouver Reduce Air Leakage

2. Use Flow-Restricting Aerators

Use Flow-Restricting Aerators youth climate corps vancouver

3. Reduce Standby Power Consumption

Reduce Standby Power Consumption youth climate corps vancouver

4. Buy Energy Star Products

Buy Energy Star Products youth climate corps vancouver

5. Lower Thermostat Temperatures

Lower Thermostat Temperatures youth climate corps vancouver

Kayley Johns (she/her) is a current climate action technician at YCCBC with the Vancouver cohort. She is a recent graduate from UVIC with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Environmental Studies.

Five Ways To Reduce Home Energy Use yccbc sources

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