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YCCBC Vancouver Crew Joins Forces with Ducks Unlimited: Willow Staking and Harvesting

In our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and hands-on action, the Youth Climate Corps BC (YCCBC) Vancouver crew recently teamed up with Ducks Unlimited for a day of conservation work. Together, they ventured into the great outdoors to engage in willow staking and harvesting activities, contributing to the preservation of our precious natural landscapes.

Willow staking is a crucial conservation technique that involves planting willow branches in wetland areas. These willow branches serve as natural barriers and provide essential habitat for waterfowl and various other wildlife. By engaging in willow staking, the YCCBC crew actively participated in the restoration and enhancement of these vital ecosystems.

Harvesting willows is equally important in this conservation effort. The crew carefully collected willow branches, ensuring that they were harvested in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. These harvested willow branches will go on to play a pivotal role in future restoration projects, continuing to support the health and biodiversity of our wetlands.

This collaborative effort with Ducks Unlimited exemplifies the power of partnership and collective action in the fight against climate change and habitat loss. The YCCBC Vancouver crew's dedication to hands-on conservation work reinforces their commitment to making a positive impact on our environment.

Stay tuned for more updates from the YCCBC Vancouver crew as they continue their journey of environmental activism and community engagement.

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