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YCC Intentions for 2023

Youth Climate Corps wants to reiterate its values for 2023. Our intention for this year is to reinforce our statement by acting and making decisions informed by our core values. YOUTH LEADERSHIP

Solutions to the climate crisis must be shaped by those who will live the outcomes. We ensure youth perspectives are at the decision-making table. COMMUNITY FOCUS

We are a national initiative that operates at the local level through projects identified as community priorities by local residents and leaders. INCLUSION AND CONNECTION

Outwardly, we seek out and collaborate with other groups engaged in climate action. Inwardly, we foster an inclusive culture and prioritize diversity and equity. INNOVATIVE PROBLEM-SOLVING

We strive to make unique contributions to the Canadian climate movement and to local communities by tackling work that is important to mitigating climate change. GROUNDING IN ECOLOGY AND CLIMATE SCIENCE

Our initiatives are guided by science and strive to enhance the resilience and health of natural ecosystems alongside human needs.

YCC wants to know what your intentions are around climate actions for this year. We would love to hear from you. Send your answer to


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