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This Year 7,000 Days of Climate Actions: Charting a Sustainable Future with Youth Climate Corps📊

In 2023, Youth Climate Corps proudly celebrates a remarkable milestone: 81 youth across British Columbia are hired, harnessing their passion and commitment to cultivate thriving, low-carbon communities. 🌱🌏

This collective effort has resulted in an astonishing 7,000 days dedicated to the noble cause of climate action. Each day represents a step closer to a more sustainable, resilient future. 💚

As we look ahead, our resolve strengthens, and our mission continues to inspire positive change in the face of climate challenges.

#YouthLeadership #ClimateAction #Sustainability

Stay tuned for more updates, stories, and opportunities to be part of this transformative journey! Together, we can achieve even greater heights. 🌏🌟 #ClimateResilience #BrighterFuture

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