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Meet YCCBC Kamloops Crew!

YCCBC is excited to launch its first program in Kamloops in partnership with the City of Kamloops. YCCBC recruited a crew of local people aged 17-30 to work on the community climate action projects and gain essential workforce and leadership training. The team just started this May 1st; their primary focus for the next months will be The Climate Friendly Homes Program.

The Climate Friendly Homes Program helps households plan and prioritize ways to reduce energy costs and carbon pollution, prepare for extreme weather, and support biodiversity. The program is a collaborative effort of the Youth Climate Corps BC (YCCBC), BC Hydro, and the City of Kamloops. The YCCBC team will deliver public education and outreach activities at various community events, including the Bike Valet service at the Kamloops Farmers Market every Saturday. Meet the new team at the Kamloops Farmers Market to learn more about The Climate Friendly Homes Program and how it can support you, and stay tuned for more YCCBC Kamloops news!

Photo: First day with the new YCCBC Kamloops crew, a successful presentation with Glen and Jaimi!

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