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American Climate Corps: More Than Just an Infrastructure Program

The American Climate Corps is not just an infrastructure program; it's a strategic investment with far-reaching benefits. Trevor Dolan, Industry & Workforce Policy Lead at Evergreen Action and a proponent of Civilian Climate Corps program design, praised this significant step taken by President Biden's administration. Young individuals, growing up amidst the climate crisis, now have a unique opportunity to confront it head-on and drive meaningful change.

Furthermore, this approach offers compounding economic advantages. Studies reveal that for every dollar invested in AmeriCorps, the federal government receives $3.50, a figure that soars to $17 when considering the benefits accrued by communities and corps members. The American Climate Corps, acting as connective tissue, holds the potential to facilitate the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act's vision of a just transition and the development of resilient communities. It transcends its role as a mere infrastructure program and emerges as a pivotal force in shaping a sustainable and equitable future.

This model, which empowers youth to address climate challenges, is already being successfully implemented by the Youth Climate Corps in Canada. We encourage the Canadian government to follow suit by establishing its own Climate Corps to respond decisively to the climate crisis.


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