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Uniting for Climate Resilience & Change - YCCBC Expressions - August 2023 Issue

August marked an unprecedented milestone as our planet experienced the warmest month in 10,000 years. This month has been marred by natural catastrophes, including devastating wildfires across British Columbia, displacing over 27,000 people and wreaking havoc in the North West Territories, California, and Hawaii. As we witness these alarming events, the call for united action grows louder. Together, we can forge a path towards climate resilience and inspire a brighter future.

In this month's newsletter, we delve into pivotal initiatives that amplify our commitment to fostering a sustainable world.

In 2023 Wildsight Youth Climate Corps and Youth Climate Corps BC will have served 81 youth across BC, totaling over 7,000 days working towards thriving low-carbon communities.


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