Youth Climate Corps empowers youth to make meaningful changes in their community to address the climate crisis.


We develop the climate leaders of tomorrow by training a workforce of young people who know how to work together, communicate powerfully, and get things done on projects that contribute to climate resilience in communities across Canada.

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The climate crisis is an opportunity for positive systemic change.

Youth Climate Corps gives young people power and agency to shape their communities towards a sustainable future.

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Young people will feel the consequences of the climate crisis throughout their lifetime. Youth Climate Corps empowers youth to shape the future of their communities.


By elevating voices, sharing knowledge, and breaking down barriers, we work with communities to create the conditions for emergence of youth leadership, while engaging in community projects for climate action.


Youth Climate Corps was launched in September 2020. The inaugural team of fourteen developed their leadership skills while completing projects that will have long-lasting benefits for the community of Nelson, British Columbia. They worked on ecosystem restoration, wildfire mitigation, food security, and engaged the community in discussions about climate solutions.

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Now operating in two communities, over two years, Youth Climate Corps is ready to expand to new communities. We have developed a framework that brings tangible benefits to communities by completing climate adaptation and mitigation projects, and training the next generation of climate and sustainability leaders.


Please reach out to us if you would like to see Youth Climate Corps in your community.

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