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Humdzi’di – Amber Alfred



My name is Humdzi’di/ Amber Alfred, I was raised in Ya’lis, (Alert Bay) for most of my life. I grew up on the Gwa’ni River since I was 2 years old and developed a strong bond with marine and freshwater flora and fauna, which led me to get into Marine Biology and then Environmental Sciences. I have always had a connection with our territory and lands and have watched climate change happen over the last 20 years reshaping our rivers, habitats, and ecosystems and changing our climate health. 


For the last 2 years, I have been working as a climate change researcher for the BC Coast with scientists across Canada and have been taking our youth out on the territory to see the changes happening with our environment and presenting them with ways to make sustainable changes where we can. I volunteer with the Awina’kola Foundation and am also on the Ma’amtagila Society Committee. I am an active member of our community and Nations, voicing my concerns around our natural resources, keeping our territory clean, and healthy, and taking stands for a more sustainable future for our next generation.


I have a lot of ideas and networks I can bring to the table; I am excited to be a part of Youth Climate Corps and look forward to being a part of the Change we all want to see.

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