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Position: Outreach Coordinator
Location: Remote, anywhere in Canada
Term: Contract until September 30th, 2022, possibility of extension

The Outreach Coordinator will identify potential partnerships and affiliations with existing organizations to enhance the expansion of Youth Climate Corps nationally. The Outreach Coordinator will grow and maintain a strong network among aligned organizations and communities and work with a team to design and fundraise climate action projects with community partners. The Outreach Coordinator will collaborate with the communication & marketing team to create the necessary tools and campaign to reach the different leads identified and maintain the existing relationships. The Outreach Coordinator will focus on developing policy and program that meets the needs of communities and youth participants. It is beneficial for the Outreach Coordinator to understand climate science, the effects of climate change on communities, and an understanding systems of oppression and social inequalities. Experience working with NGOs, and Indigenous groups is an asset.

The Outreach Coordinator will have to be a compassionate and active communicator and connect and communicate with colleagues and partners remotely and in person. The role is remote, and there is plenty of flexibility for self-directed work and schedule. Mentorship and coaching are a strong theme in Youth Climate Corps activities and programs, including working with administrative staff. There is a culture of continual learning, and there are opportunities for mentorship, both as a mentee and mentor with the team.

Climate action outreach

Climate Action Outreach Responsibilities

Build trusting and supportive relationships with communities, aligned organizations, funders, industries, key stakeholders and governments;

Identify and assess existing organizations that are aligned with the mission and goals of Youth Climate Corps and see opportunities for collaboration;

Work with a team to develop policy that will promote an inclusive organization and programming;

Collaborate with communities to design and build Youth Climate Corps programs that are geared toward the community's strengths and needs;

Research funding opportunities and apply for grants to support existing and new programs;

Identify communities’ needs and collaborate with the team to develop a curriculum that focuses on climate science, climate justice, community organizing, and mental health tools;

Climate Action Outreach Qualifications

Knowledge of climate justice issues and climate science;

Experience writing curriculum designed for young adults is an asset;

Experience working in a team towards a common goal;

Strong writing skills, experience writing grants is an asset;

Able to build and maintain relationships as well as to collaborate with a variety of stakeholders;

Ability to work both independently and as part of a team;

Confident and professional public speaker;

Motivated and enthusiastic.

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